Targeted Teacher Supports

The College-Ready Promise’s teacher development system provides timely, targeted support and professional development. Teachers and administrators are supported with a robust set of resources including on-demand, in person and real-time data on their performance to guide learning and collaboration. These resources provide exemplars of teachers performing at a variety of levels, articles and other readings, videos, case studies, and collaboration opportunities. The development of effective teachers through support and professional development follow these guidelines:

  • The most effective teacher supports are individualized, aligned to teacher performance, job-embedded and frequent.
  • Teacher supports are only deemed effective when they can be linked to increases in teaching ability and improved performance.
  • Effective teacher supports inspire teachers to stay in the profession, and lead to better long-term sustainability and retention.
  • The evaluation system provides frequent and actionable feedback to teachers in a supportive environment in order to drive growth.

One of the biggest priorities of the teacher development system is to ensure that teachers receive appropriate, differentiated support and professional development, and that support is tied to real, reliable and robust evaluations of performance and need. In developing specific teacher supports, the TCRP coalition of CMOs adheres to the guiding principles that believe effectiveness should be determined through transparent multidimensional measures.

Some research and reports to consider: