The Lumicore Group was created in 2012 to bring together high performing charter management organizations (CMOs) as a collective to address College Readiness through the levers of effective teaching, personalized learning and Common Core aligned tasks, curriculum and assessments. The name Lumicore is comprised of two words lum and core. The name is a statement about what the network was designed to be. A hybrid name that broadcasts our desire to bring different elements together. Our solutions represent a collection of ideas from different sources. Our outside the box approach challenges the reigning paradigm. As a collective, we are game changers.

The Lumicore Group was created to use the collective power of CMOS to accelerate college readiness and completion. The Lumicore Group does this by identifying, implementing and promoting best practices in teaching and learning so that all schools might learn and benefit. This group aspires to become a network of organizations whose practices are reaching hundreds of thousands of kids and influencing the educational practices of all schools, regardless of type.

Our current member organizations include:

  • Achievement First
  • Alliance College Ready Public Schools
  • Aspire Public Schools
  • DSST Public Schools
  • Green Dot Public Schools
  • IDEA Public Schools
  • KIPP Foundation
  • Mastery Charter Schools
  • Match Education
  • New Paradigm for Education
  • Noble Network of Charter Schools
  • Partnership to Uplift Communities
  • STRIVE Preparatory Schools
  • Summit Public Schools
  • Uncommon Schools
  • Uplift Education
  • YES Prep xPublic Schools